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Plant List



Updated April 20, 2014


Abelia x grandiflora ‘Kaleidoscope’* PP#16988  A fantastic new cultivar, the leaves are variegated and emerge bright yellow with a light green center in the spring, then gradually change to a golden yellow with a green center in the summer.  Fall foliage is a combination of golden yellow, bright orange, and fiery red.  New stem growth is bright red.  Habit is low, mounded and compact, ultimately reaching 3 feet tall by 3' wide.  Excellent plant for containers, foundation plants, and mass plantings.  4-season interest.   3 Gal. (18-21" spread)  30.00


Abelia x grandiflora ‘Little Richard’  Selected by Richard Currin for its more compact, self-branching habit.  Also, more evergreen and cold-hardy.   3 Gal.  15.00  


Abelia x ‘Mardi Gras’ PP#15203*  A new variegated selection introduced by Hawksridge Farms.  Dark green leaves with a creamy white edge that turns reddish in fall.  Pink flowers appear all summer until frost on this semi-compact (3' x 4') shrub.   3 Gal. (18-21" spread)  30.00


Abelia x ‘Rose Creek’  Selected by Mike Dirr for it’s low-mounding growth habit, crimson stem color, fragrant white flowers, and long bloom period.  3 Gal.  15.00


Acer japonicum 'Attaryi'  Upright, medium-sized tree with large, deeply-cleft leaves and smooth gray bark.  Leaves are green in summer, vivid scarlet and orange in fall.  7 Gal.  100.00


Acer japonicum 'Green Cascade'  This weeping plant has a more broad-spreading structure and more deeply dissected leaves than 'Aconitifolium', but with the same outstanding fall color.  8-10' at maturity.  7 Gal.  100.00       15 Gal.  150.00


Acer palmatum  'Baldsmith'  Exceptionally fine and lacy leaves that are orange-red in full sun and greenish-pink in shade.  Crimson fall color.  Mounding habit to 6' if staked.  3 Gal.  50.00


Acer palmatum ‘Beni Shi En’  Dull red leaves with a grayish variegated margin give this tree a smoky appearance10’ after 8 years.  7 Gal.  100.00


Acer palmatum  ‘Bloodgood’   This tried and true cultivar has been in the trade for years.  Large dark red leaves hold their color in summer and are hardier than most palmatums.  Brilliant red fall color.  Will reach 25' tall.  3 Gal.  50.00       7 Gal.  100.00       15 Gal.  150.00


Acer palmatum 'Burgundy Lace'  Nice form with a height and spread of about 12'.  Burgundy-purple foliage in spring that turns to bronze-green in summer, then back to red in fall.  The leaves are deeply dissected, almost to the petiole.  7 Gal.  100.00      


Acer palmatum ‘Butterfly’  Slow-growing.  Gray-green leaves with the margin beginning pink to white, then red in the fall.  3 Gal.  50.00       7 Gal.  100.00


Acer palmatum 'Calico'  The new foliage emerges with a peachy tint, then changes to yellow-green in summer.  Fall color is a brilliant gold.  The bark is a nice feature, turning yellow as the tree matures.  8' x 6' in 10 years.  3 Gal.  50.00 


Acer palmatum 'Emerald Lace'  Delicate, lacy green foliage that turns burgundy in fall.  Very heat and sun tolerant.  Vigorous grower to 10'.  3 Gal.  50.00       7 Gal.  100.00


Acer palmatum 'Emperor I'  Fast-growing, upright selection.  Very similar to 'Bloodgood' in that it has red leaves and a nice fall color.  3 Gal.  50.00       7 Gal.  100.00


Acer palmatum 'Everred'  10-12' at maturity.  New leaves emerge with a silvery pubescence.  15 Gal.  125.00


Acer palmatum ‘Glowing Embers’   Selected and named by Mike Dirr this vigorous cultivar tolerates southern conditions well. Green leaves in summer turn to a mosaic of  yellow/orange/purple in fall.  15 Gal.  125.00


Acer palmatum 'Hubb's Red Willow'  Small, upright form (8-10') with beautiful purplish-red foliage.  Leaves are deeply dissected, giving the plant a "spidery" appearance.  Cold-hardy to -20.    3 Gal.  50.00       7 Gal.  100.00


Acer palmatum 'Koto Ito Komachi'  Unique variety with leaves that are very threadlike and emerge green with reddish tints.  Slow-growing dwarf (2-3" / year).  Good choice for a container or rock garden.  3 Gal.  50.00      7 Gal.  100.00


Acer palmatum 'Kurui Jishi'  The name means 'Crazy Lion' in Japanese - small, rough-textured leaves curl at the margins, creating a fine lacy effect.  7 Gal.  100.00


Acer palmatum 'Margaret Bee'  One of the best red-leafed varieties, holding its color throughout the summer.  Fall color is scarlet.  Upright, medium tree to 18'.  15 Gal.  150.00


Acer palmatum 'Moonfire'  An outstanding red-leafed maple that hold its color well in the hot summer months.  Upright selection to 15'.  7 Gal.  100.00


Acer palmatum 'Okushimo'  A strong, upright, vase-shaped tree ultimately reaching 12-15' tall.  Small, green leaves curl up into little tubes.  The branches are angled upright, giving the tree a narrow profile, therefore making it a good choice for small, challenging spots in the landscape.   7 Gal.  100.00       15 Gal.  150.00


Acer palmatum 'Orange Dream'  New leaves are orange, maturing to bright yellow-green and edged in red.  Very different and cool medium size grower (to 15').  Tolerates full sun and the heat of the south.  3 Gal.  50.00       7 Gal.  100.00


Acer palmatum ‘Orangeola’  New growth emerges fiery red-orange, then matures to a bronzy green, then turning back to orange red in fall.  3 Gal.  50.00       7 Gal.  100.00      


Acer palmatum 'Osakazuki'  This is one of the best for fall color, turning crimson-red.  Green summer foliage is resistant to sunburn.  7 Gal.  100.00


Acer palmatum ‘Purple Ghost’  In spring, purple-reddish leaves with prominent black veins emerge on this medium grower.  Fiery-orange fall color.  8’ tall by 4’ wide in 10 years.  3 Gal.  50.00       7 Gal.  100.00 


Acer palmatum  'Red Dragon'  Weeping laceleaf form with bright red fall color that lasts throughout the hot summer months.  Slower growing than other laceleaf forms.  3 Gal.  50.00       7 Gal.  100.00


Acer palmatum 'Red Pygmy'  Unique cultivar because of the foliage.  Long, narrow, almost threadlike leaves that are red in summer and turn golden yellow in autumn.  Slow-growing to 4-6'.  Resembles a miniature weeping willow, but with red leaves.  3 Gal.  50.00       7 Gal.  100.00


Acer palmatum 'Red Select'  7 Gal.  100.00       15 Gal.  125.00   


Acer palmatum ‘Seiryu’  Up to 15' tall and 8' wide, this upright tree has a pleasing vase-shaped habit.  Green dissected leaves turn brilliant red in fall.  3 Gal.  50.00       7 Gal.  100.00


Acer palmatum  'Shaina'  Dwarf that will reach 4-5' in 10 years.  Maroon foliage in summer turns to brilliant red in fall.  Leaves are clumped in masses giving a tufted appearance.  7 Gal.  100.00       15 Gal.  150.00


Acer palmatum 'Sharp's Pygmy'  This introduction by Sharp's Nursery in Oregon is considered to be one of the best dwarf maples.  Dense, compact, rounded shrub will ultimately reach 3' x 3' (at the most!).  In summer, the green leaves are edged in red (when grown in full sun) and then turn a beautiful deep red in fall.  Good focal plant in a garden or a container.   3 Gal.  50.00     Only 1 left


Acer palmatum ‘Sherwood Flame’  Strong upright, spreading form; nearly as wide as it is tall.  Red dissectum leaves are more resistant to fading than other types.    7 Gal.  125.00


Acer palmatum 'Shishigashira'  Deeply curled and crinkled green leaves are in tufts that are densely packed on short twigs.  Fall color is a warm golden-orange, often tinged with red.  12-15' tall at maturity.  3 Gal.  50.00       7 Gal.  100.00


Acer palmatum  ‘Tamukeyama’   Probably the most heat-tolerant red cut leaf.  Foliage emerges as a deep crimson-red and changes to scarlet in the fall.    3 Gal.  50.00       7 Gal.  100.00       15 Gal.  150.00


Acer palmatum 'Twombley's Red Sentinel'  Columnar variety with dark reddish foliage.  Great for a narrow place.  8' wide x 15' tall at maturity.  7 Gal.  100.00


Acer palmatum 'Viridis'  Bright green foliage and a weeping, cascading habit.  Slow-growing; ultimately will reach 10' tall.  Branches often reach the ground giving the plant a mounding appearance.  Golden yellow fall color.  3 Gal.  50.00            7 Gal.  100.00


Acer palmatum  'Waterfall'  Bright green leaves in the summer turn to brilliant crimson and gold in the fall.  This is an excellent weeping selection.  3 Gal.  50.00       7 Gal.  100.00


Acer rubrum ‘Sun Valley’  Released by the National Arboretum, this is a cross between ‘Red Sunset’ and ‘Autumn Flame’.  It has deep green foliage with excellent red fall color and a dense rounded form.  15 Gal.  75.00 


Acer truncatum  'AT-WF1'  PPAF  Main Street®  Shantung Maple   A heat and drought tolerant selection to about 25 – 30’.  Clean glossy green foliage and nice orange-red fall color.  7 Gal.  45.00


Aesculus parviflora   Bottlebrush Buckeye  Native to the Deep South, the shrub is named for its 12" to 20" long spikes of white flowers that bloom for several weeks between mid-June and early July.  In fall, look for a handsome gold color.  These shrubs make an excellent border planting and even do well in partially shady areas. Plan accordingly as they will spread quickly sending out branches that will root where they touch the ground.  Your plant may eventually be 15 feet wide!  3 Gal. 40.00


Aesculus pavia   Native, 10 - 20', tall clump-forming large shrub or small tree.  Good in naturalized settings - will take shade, but performs best in full sun.  Flowers are showy, upright clusters of tubular flowers, 4" - 7" long, that appear in spring.  2 Gal.  30.00




Japanese Aucuba is a handsome broadleaf evergreen shrub that loves shade.  Plant a grouping of these under a canopy of large trees or as a foundation planting on a shady corner of your home.  The leaves are lustrous and leathery, either dark green or variegated (see individual plant listings below).


Aucuba japonica 'Crotonifolia'  Large leaves speckled with yellow.  3 Gal.  15.00


Aucuba japonica 'Golden King'  Male pollinator with foliage similar to 'Crotonifolia'.  3 Gal.  15.00


Aucuba japonica 'Limbata'   This cultivar has yellow leaf margins.  3 Gal. 15.00


Aucuba japonica 'Rozannie'  A green leafed selection with showy red fruits in fall.  3 Gal.  15.00


Betula nigra 'BNMTF' Dura-Heat  This river birch has smaller, darker leaves than 'Heritage'.  They turn a pretty butter-yellow in autumn.  The creamy white bark is showy and starts to exfoliate on 1 to 2 inch diameter branches.  Reaching 40', this tree will be a beautiful shade tree or use several of them for a nice screen.   15 Gal.  75.00


Buddleia x ‘Blue Chip’ PP# 19991  Small (under 3’)  mounding habit and a long bloom time make this blue flowered Buddleia a great plant for the landscape.  1 Gal.  10.00


Buddleia x ‘Miss Molly’  PPAF  Wine-red flowers appear on this compact grower (to 5’) from July until frost.  1 Gal.  10.00


Buddleia x ‘Purple Haze’  PPAF  Dark purple-bluish flowers cover this low-spreading, horizontal plant.  1 Gal.  10.00


Buxus sempervirens ‘Elegantissima’  This dense, mounded form has highly variegated leaves with a creamy white border.  Slow-growing, maybe 2” per year; ultimately will reach 5’x4’.   2 Gal. (10 – 12”)  20.00


Calycanthus floridus ‘Athens’   A yellow-flowered selection with dark green foliage.  3 Gal.  15.00


Calycanthus floridus ‘Michael Lindsey’  Dense, compact form with deep green leaves and golden yellow fall color.  Dark reddish brown fragrant flowers appear in late spring.  3 Gal.  15.00       7 Gal.  35.00


Camellia sasanqua 'Kanjiro'  Rose pink shades to rose red on edges of petals.  Semi-double blooms in October - December.  3 Gal.  20.00   


Camellia x 'Crimson Candles'  Red buds open to single rose-red flowers.  New growth is bronze.  Introduced by Camellia Forest Nursery.   3 Gal.  20.00      Fall 2014


Camellia x ‘Snow Flurry’   White anemone form flowers in fall.  Very floriferous.  7' by 7' in 14 years.   3 Gal.  20.00  




 Cedrus atlantica ‘Glauca’   Atlas Cedar   Blue foliage; open, pyramidal form.  7 Gal.  100.00  


Cedrus deodara   Deodora Cedar  Refined, graceful, soft-textured cedar with soft, bluish-green needles.  The lower branches sweep to the ground, while the upper branches are more evenly spaced.  Less cold-hardy than other cedars.  Will reach 40' in height.  3 Gal.  25.00       7 Gal. (5')  50.00       15 Gal. (6-7')  80.00


Cedrus deodara 'Blue Snake'  Like many weeping conifers, staking can determine the ultimate height and habit.  This cultivar can be staked to reach 6' tall.  Or, if left alone, it will creep along the ground in a mass of twisted blue tendrils.  3 Gal.  50.00


Cedrus deodara ‘Electra’  Intense powder foliage; stiffly upright with dense horizontal branching.  3 Gal.  50.00       7 Gal.  75.00       15 Gal.  100.00


Cedrus deodara 'Gold Cascade'  Pendulous branches tipped in gold.  A dwarf that grows 4" per year.  3 Gal.  50.00


Cedrus deodara 'Montrose Veil'  Fine textured silvery-gray foliage and a graceful, weeping habit are features of this slow-growing tree.  6' tall and 5' spread after 8 years.  3 Gal.  50.00       15 Gal.  100.00


Cedrus deodara 'Pendula'  Spreading shrub with pendulous branches.  New growth is gray-green and darkens with age.  Will not be larger that 10' at maturity.  3 Gal.  50..00



Cephalotaxus or Plum Yew is gaining popularity in the South for its heat tolerance.  It's also unappetizing to deer.  Superb in groupings and mass plantings and a good substitute for low-growing hollies and junipers.  This shade loving plant can also take partial sun.  See individual descriptions below.  3 Gal.  25.00 each, or a quantity of 10+ per variety 20.00       7 Gal.  50.00 -  10+  40.00


Cephalotaxus harringtonia ‘Duke Gardens’  A handsome 2 to 3' tall and 3 to 4' wide form that was discovered at Duke Gardens in 1958.  Lustrous deep green foliage, heat tolerant and resistant to deer.  


Cephalotaxus harringtonia ‘Fastigiata’   A rotund, columnar form up to 10’ tall by 6-8’ wide.    


Cephalotaxus harringtonia ‘Fritz Huber’   Similar form to ‘Prostrata’, but tends to branch more at a young age.  Also, reportedly is more tolerant of full sun. 


Cephalotaxus harringtonia ‘Prostrata’  2 to 3' height and width.  Low and mounded with pendulous arching branches that arch up and out.  Can be used as a ground cover. 


Cercidiphyllum japonicum  Katsura   Deciduous shade tree with a dense rounded habit.  Small, rounded leaves that are similar to a Redbud, but with more texture; leaves emerge a pinkish-purple then turn to green in summer.  7 Gal.  40.00 


Cercis canadensis ‘Forest Pansy’  Popular selection with purple foliage.    15 Gal.  75.00


Cercis chinensis  'Shirobana'  Pure white flowers appear in the spring on this large shrub (ultimately 10-12').  7 Gal.  50.00       15 Gal.  75.00


Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Spirited'  This is a slow-growing seedling selection of 'Crippsii' with lacy, golden foliage.  Will reach 8' x 3' in 15 years.  3 Gal.  30.00


Chimonanthus praecox ‘Luteus’  The pure yellow, fragrant flowers that appear mid-winter are a harbinger of spring.  3 Gal.  15.00                   


Chionanthus virginicus ‘Spring Fleecing’   Old Man’s Beard   I selected this male cultivar in 1990 for its heavy flowering, lustrous dark green leaves, and superior form.  Blooms appear around April 15 – this fleecing is much more enjoyable.  7 Gal.  50.00


Clethra alnifolia ‘Ruby Spice’  This summersweet variety is known for its fragrant rose-pink flowers that bloom in late summer.  Yellow-orange fall color.  A favorite of bees and butterflies.  4 – 6’ tall x wide.  3 Gal.  15.00


Clethra alnifolia ‘Sixteen Candles’  Compact, white-flowered form.  3 Gal.  15.00


Cornus mas ‘Spring Glow’  Corneliancherry Dogwood   Yellow late-winter blooms adorn this nice small tree.  A JCRA introduction.   7 Gal.  45.00



Cryptomeria, or Japanese Cedar, is a splendid evergreen that becomes even more beautiful as it matures.  Graceful and stately, this plant makes an excellent choice for a screen or grouping, as well as a solitary specimen.  In the past few years, it has gained popularity as a replacement for Leyland Cypress.  Easy to grow, drought-tolerant, full sun.  See descriptions of each variety listed below. 

3 Gal.  20.00 or Quantity of 10+ 15.00 per single variety.  7 Gal. 50.00 or Quantity of 5+ 40.00 per single variety.


Cryptomeria japonica ‘Black Dragon’   Semi-dwarf (8-12’), upright, pyramidal evergreen.  Use this when your dwarf Alberta Spruce dies.  3 Gal.  20.00


Cryptomeria japonica ‘Elegans Nana’   Mounding form, about 4’ x 4’ at maturity.  3 Gal.  20.00


Cryptomeria japonica ‘Globosa Nana’   Nice, round form to 5’; stays green all winter.  3 Gal.  20.00       7 Gal.  50.00


x Cupressocyparis leylandii ‘Gold Rider’  Golden foliage does not burn in full sun; slower growing.  3 Gal.   20.00


Cupressus arizonica ‘Golden Pyramid’  Yellowish-golden needles on this shrubby form; 8’ x 5’ in 10 years.  3 Gal.  40.00       7 Gal.  75.00


Cupressus macrocarpa  'Donard Gold'  This is a striking plant with cinnamon-colored bark and chartreuse foliage.  Slow-growing, 20' at maturity.  Best in full sun.  5 Gal.  50.00     Fall 2014


Daphne genkwa  Lilac colored flowers adorn this species in early spring.  3 Gal.  25.00     Fall 2014         


Daphne odora   Winter Daphne   Evergreen shrub with fragrant flowers in Feb.  3 Gal.  25.00     


Daphne odora ‘Aureo-marginata'  Variegated Winter Daphne  Same as Winter Daphne except the leaves have a creamy white outline around the edge.  3 Gal.  25.00   


Daphne odora 'Rebecca'  PP#18368 This cultivar has a much more pronounced creamy leaf margin than 'Aureo-marginata'.   2 Gal.  40.00


Daphne odora 'Ripple'  NEW Our newest introduction is a mutation of 'Aureo-Marginata' with consistently greater marginal variegation and a wavy leaf margin, giving it a unique appearance.  3 Gal.  40.00     Fall 2014


Daphne x transatlantica 'Eternal Fragrance'  White flowers of intense (spicy) fragrance mass this plant in early spring.  Sporadic flowers appear on new summer growth, hence the name 'Eternal Fragrance'.  It is semi-evergreen to zone 7; deciduous and hardy in zone 6, possibly zone 5.  Zone 4 would be permanently deciduous.  3 Gal.  30.00


Euonymus japonicus ‘Green Spire’   Upright evergreen, 6-10’ tall by 3’ wide.  3 Gal.  15.00


x Fatshedera lizei ‘Media Picta’  Good evergreen shrub to brighten up a shady spot.   3 Gal.  15.00


Gardenia jasminoides ‘Chuck Hayes’   Beautiful double flowering, cold-hardy (zone 6?) selection from Virginia. 4 - 5' tall x wide at maturity.  3 Gal.  15.00


Gardenia jasminoides  'Frostproof'  Think of this as intermediate between 'Chuck Hayes' and 'Radicans' in size (3 - 4' tall x wide) and cold-hardiness.  3 Gal.  15.00    


Gardenia jasminoides ‘Kleim’s Hardy’   Small round leaves and single white fragrant blooms adorn this cold-hardy variety.  3 Gal.  15.00    


Gardenia jasminoides 'Radicans'  Trailing gardenia has 1 - 2" fragrant double flowers on a plant reaching 2-3' high and 4' wide.   Our form has small, dark-green leaves with sporadic white (virus-induced) shoots creating an unusual contrast.  Less cold-hardy than the above cultivars; foliage will be damaged in single digit temperatures.  3 Gal.  15.00 


Gardenia jasminoides 'Radicans Variegata'  Same prostrate habit as 'Radicans', but much slower due to its highly variegated foliage.  3 Gal.  15.00    


Ginkgo biloba ‘Magyar’  Slightly narrower form that ‘Autumn Gold’ makes this an excellent choice for street tree use.   15 Gal.  75.00


Hydrangea quercifolia ‘Ruby Slippers’  This National Arboretum release is a ‘Snow Queen’ by ‘Pee Wee’ cross resulting in a compact plant form with large, upright, white inflorescences that mature to rose red.  3½’ tall x 5’ wide in 7 years.  3 Gal.  20.00


Hydrangea quercifolia ‘Snow Queen’  Four season plant with interesting characteristics all year round.  Green, oak-shaped leaves in spring, heavy white blooms in mid-summer, nice red fall color and pretty exfoliating bark in winter.  3 Gal.  20.00


Ilex crenata 'Sky Pencil'  Narrow, upright form of the popular Japanese Holly6-10' x 2-3' at maturity.  An excellent formal accent plant.    3 Gal.  15.00


Ilex verticillata ‘Winter Red’  Persistent red berries and graceful habit.  ‘Apollo’ pollinator.  3 Gal.  15.00


Ilex x ‘Apollo’  Male Pollinator for ‘Winter Red’  1 Gal.  6.00       3 Gal.  15.00


Ilex vomitoria 'Carolina Ruby'  PP#19266  NEW Selected by Ted Stephens of Nurseries Caroliniana.  This semi-dwarf, irregular shaped shrub was selected for its heavy berry set.  These red berries last all winter and completely encircle the stems and are especially visible because of the irregular, open habit of the plant.  3-4' tall at maturity.   3 Gal.  30.00





Illicium floridanum ‘Halley’s Comet’  Florida Anise   Large (6-10’), aromatic, broadleaf evergreen with red flowers in spring.  Good for moist, shady areas.  3 Gal.  15.00       7 Gal.  40.00


Illicium x ‘Ivory Stars’  NEW  This new seedling selection has lustrous 5-6” long lanceolate leaves and ivory-colored 2” flowers in mid-spring.  Evergreen, deer-resistant, and tolerant of moist to wet soils.  Takes dense shade to full sun.  6-8’ tall and wide at maturity.  3 Gal.  20.00       7 Gal.  45.00


Illicium x ‘Ruby Stars’  NEW  This new seedling selection has lustrous 5-6” long lanceolate leaves and deep ruby-red 2” flowers in mid-spring.  Evergreen, deer-resistant, and tolerant of moist to wet soils.  Takes dense shade to full sun.  6-8’ tall and wide at maturity.  3 Gal.  20.00

Illicium x ‘Woodland Ruby’   Hybrid Anise   Numerous ruby-pink, starfish-like flowers adorn this fast growing plant.  Long-blooming with large dark green leaves.  A selection from Woodlanders Nursery.  Deer Resistant.  3 Gal.  15.00       7 Gal.  40.00


Itea virginica ‘Henry’s Garnet’   Virginia Sweetspire   Swarthmore College selection of our native species with maroon fall color and 6” clusters of fragrant white flowers in May.  Tolerates wet soils and shade.   3 Gal.  15.00 


Koelreuteria paniculata   Goldenrain tree is an excellent medium sized tree for tough sites.  It tolerates a wide range of soils, withstands drought, heat, wind, alkaline soils, and air pollutants.  Showy panicles of yellow flowers in early summer sit atop large, deep green pinnately compound leaves.  7 Gal.  40.00


Lagerstroemia indica ‘Whit II’* pp#10296  Dynamite™   Cherry-red flowers; 20’ at maturity.  3 Gal.  20.00


Lagerstroemia indica ‘Whit IV’* pp#11342  Red Rocket™   New foliage and flowers are bright red.  7 Gal.  35.00


Lagerstroemia indica  ‘Whit VIII’ Rhapsody in Pink™  Soft pink flowers are nearly sterile, which prolongs the flowering season.  Beautiful burgundy new growth, which turns to dark green over the summer.   Will reach 15’ tall.  10 Gal.  45.00


Lagerstroemia x ‘Miami’  Large grower to over 20’ with dark coral-pink flowers.  3 Gal.  15.00


Lagerstroemia x ‘Muskogee’  Large selection (15-20’) with light lavender flowers.  7 Gal.  35.00 (tree-form)       10 Gal.  40.00


Lagerstroemia x ‘Natchez’   Large, specimen with white flowers and cinnamon bark.  10 Gal.  40.00


Lagerstroemia x ‘Sioux’   Intense pink flowers; upright habit.  7 Gal. (tree-form or multi-stem) 35.00


Lagerstroemia x ‘Tonto’  Compact, globose habit with red flowers.  5-10’ at maturity.  3 Gal.  15.00 


Loropetalum chinense 'Chang Nian Hong' NEW  This new compact variety features vivid red blooms and dark burgundy foliage that retains its color throughout the summer.  It was brought into the United States and given the trademarked name of Ever Red™ and/or Ever Red Sunset™.   3 Gal.  25.00


Loropetalum chinense 'Daruma'  The most compact cultivar of Loropetalum that we grow.  Books say 3' x 3' at maturity, but the plant evidently can't read; the one in our garden is 5' tall after 5 years.  Pink, spidery flowers appear April through October.  3 Gal.  15.00


 Loropetalum chinense ‘Ruby’   Compact, rounded habit; red foliage and flowers.  3 Gal.  15.00


Loropetalum chinense ‘Zhuzhou Fuschia’   Considered the most cold-hardy pink loropetalum.  Best used as a large upright shrub or small tree.  This vigorous, upright, red-leafed form has reached 15' tall in 10 years in our garden.  7 Gal.  40.00       15 Gal.  75.00    Both are pruned and staked to tree form


Magnolia grandiflora ‘Bracken’s Brown Beauty’  One of the most cold-hardy Southern Magnolias.  Densely branched with undulating, shiny leaves that are smaller that the species and have a velvety underside that is a pleasing brown.  Will make a nice specimen plant (to 30' tall) or plant a mass to make a lovely screen or windbreak.   7 Gal.  50.00       15 Gal. (6-7')  80.00       25 Gal.  125.00


Magnolia grandiflora 'Kay Parris'  This seedling of 'Little Gem' has green glossy leaves and orange-brown fuzzy undersides.  More upright than 'Little Gem' to 20-30'.  7 Gal.  50.00       15 Gal. (7-8')  80.00


Magnolia grandiflora ‘Little Gem’   Heavy flowering, small-leaved form; 20-30’.  7 Gal.  50.00       15 Gal.  80.00 


Mahonia confusa  'Narihira'  Exceptional, large clusters of buttery yellow flowers appear in September.  Leaves are not as spiny as Mahonia bealei.  Nor is it as cold-hardy - has survived in zone 7 without injury.  3 Gal.  20.00     Fall 2014   


Metasequoia glyptostroboides   Dawn Redwood   Deciduous conifer from China, somewhat resembling our native Bald Cypress in texture and form.  7 Gal.  40.00       15 Gal.  75.00


Metasequoia glyptostroboides  'Miss Grace'  Graceful, elegant, weeping form of Dawn Redwood.   3 Gal.  50.00       7 Gal.  100.00


Metasequoia glyptostroboides ‘Ogon’  A yellow-foliaged form of the species.  7 Gal.  60.00      


Picea orientalis 'Atrovirens'  Exceptionally shiny, dark green needles adorn this pyramidal form.  Eventually reaching 60' tall, this plant will be densely branched to the ground.  7 Gal.  100.00 


Pieris japonica 'Katsura'  PP#15452  NEW!! Available for the first time in the United States!  New growth is a deep wine red that changes to green as it ages.  Lovely rose-colored blooms cascade over the foliage in early spring, resembling a waterfall.  Will reach 3-4' tall, so it is good for mixed borders as well as containers.      3 Gal.  30.00     Fall 2014


Pieris japonica ‘Temple Bells’   Compact form with very large clusters of white flowers; medium green leaf color throughout the year.  3 Gal.  20.00     Fall 2014


Pinus cembra  'Compacta Glauca'   Swiss Stone Pine   A narrow, semi-dwarf habit and blue-green needles.  In spring, the plant will produce tiny male cones and larger female cones. The female cones persist up to 3 years, maturing to purple-blue and then brown.  Ultimately, 12' tall x 4' wide.  Does best in full sun and well-drained soil.  7 Gal.  100.00


Pinus densiflora 'Jane Kluis'    Dwarf, globular form of Japnese Red Pine with a flat top.  3' tall x 6' wide in 10 years.  Very straight, rigid green needles.  3 Gal.  50.00 


Pinus densiflora 'Multicaulis'  This is a very rare form of Japanese Red Pine.  Wide spreading top, similar to an umbrella.  Branches are low, almost beginning at the base of the tree, so there is no central leader.  Our plants are in a 15 gallon pot and are 3' x 3' after 5 years.  7 Gal.  100.00       15 Gal.  150.00


Pinus densiflora ‘Oculus Draconis’  Needles with yellow banding make this conifer distinctive.  When young, the habit is open and pendulous.  As the tree ages, it develops a twisted trunk and more irregular habit.  The scaly bark is fissured, revealing gray to orange coloration underneath.   3 Gal.  50.00       7 Gal.  100.00


Pinus densiflora 'Pendula'  Graceful, weeping form of pine.  It's so low-growing that it will grow as an evergreen groundcover if allowed to.  3 Gal.  50.00       7 Gal.  100.00


Pinus densiflora 'Vibrant'  Flat, mounded shrub with tight green foliage  2' tall x 5' wide after 10 years.  3 Gal.  50.00   


Pinus flexilis 'Vanderwolf's Pyramid'  Beautiful pyramidal tree with long, silvery-blue twisted needles on dense branches.  Insect and disease resistant.  20' tall by 10' wide at maturity.  3 Gal.  50.00


Pinus heldreichii 'Green Bun'   Bosnian Pine   Dwarf and conical with dark green needles.  Slow-growing, this tree will reach 3-4' in 10 years.  7 Gal.  100.00


Pinus koraiensis 'Jack Korbit'  This is an excellent variegated selection of Korean Pine with yellow bands on long green needles, similar to 'Oculus Draconis'.  Slow-growing, upright to 6' x 3' after 10 years.  7 Gal.  100.00  


Pinus koraiensis  'Oculus Draconis'   Korean Dragon's Eye Pine   Upright shrub with clusters of needles that are marked with pale yellow.  The needles are 4-5" long and are somewhat kinked, giving the plant a false weeping look.  3 Gal.  40.00


Pinus koraiensis 'Variegata'  The needles of this upright conifer are partially light yellow to entirely yellow.  3 Gal.  50.00


Pinus mugo 'Aurea'  This variety of Swiss Mountain Pine is semi-dwarf with a dense, rounded shape that features yellowish-green to light green needles in bundles of 2.  Needles turn an attractive golden yellow in winter.  3' x 4' in 10 years.           7 Gal.  100.00


Pinus parviflora 'Adcock's Dwarf'  Small, very slow-growing bun-shaped plant.  The short grayish green needles cluster at the tips of the branches. 3' x 3' at maturity.  3 Gal.  50.00


Pinus parviflora 'Gimborns Ideal'  A narrow form of Japanese White Pine that has blue needles and white stomates.  Will reach 6-8' after 10 years.  3 Gal.  50.00       7 Gal.  100.00


Pinus parviflora 'Watnong'  Slow-growing and compact with a flattened globe form.  2' x 3' after 10 years.   3 Gal.  50.00       7 Gal.  100.00


Pinus parviflora 'Wy'East'   Short green needles with silver, bluish stripes on the undersides.  Dwarf tree with an open, upright habit.  3 Gal.  50.00


Pinus strobus 'Angel Falls'  Seedling from Pinus strobus 'Pendula' seed; thin, drooping, light-colored needles with a strong weeping habit.  Named after Angel Falls in Venezuela, the highest waterfall in the world.  3 Gal.  50.00


Pinus strobus 'Brevifolia'  Slow-growing, dwarf, compact White Pine with short bluish-green needles.  3' tall x 2' wide after 10 years, so it can stay in a small area for years and years.  Hardy to -40º.  3 Gal.  50.00


Pinus strobus 'Pendula'  This form is from the specimen adjacent to the gift shop at the JC Raulston Arboretum.  Strongly weeping, lateral branches that may touch the ground.  Staking the central leader deternines height.  3 Gal.  50.00                  7 Gal.  100.00


Pinus strobus 'Hillside Gem'  Slow grower (2" per year); pyramidal, compact dwarf plant with branches that reach upward.   3 Gal.  50.00       7 Gal.  100.00


Pinus strobus 'Hillside Winter Gold'  This cultivar is fast-growing (1' per year), upright eastern white pine with an open pyramidal habit.  Light green summer needles turn a striking golden yellow in fall and winter.  Reaching 12-15' over the first 10 years, the ultimate height will be 30-40' tall by 15' wide.  3 Gal.  50.00       7 Gal.  100.00


Pinus strobus  'Horsford'   A very dense, very dwarf, bun-shaped white pine.  Will reach 2' in 10 years, making perfect for a rock garden or mixed border.  3 Gal.  50.00


Pinus strobus  'Nana'   A dwarf, globose form of White Pine.  Will reach 3' by 4' in 10 years.   3 Gal.  40.00       7 Gal.  100.00


Pinus thunbergii 'Girard's Dwarf'  Very slow-growing, mounding form that grows 4-6" a year.  Excellent for rock gardens.  3 Gal.  50.00       7 Gal.  100.00


Pinus thunbergii 'Kotobuki'  Upright, narrow Japanese Black Pine; 4-6' after 10 years.  White winter buds contrast nicely with dark green needles.  3 Gal.  50.00


Pinus thunbergii  'Thunderhead'   This dwarf form of Japanese Black Pine has long, green needles densely surrounding stems.  Very long white candles.  It will develop into a very elegant, upright form - about 5 to 10' a year.  3 Gal.  50.00       7 Gal.  100.00


Pinus wallichiana 'Nana'  A round shrub form of Himalayan Pine.  Will reach 10' tall and wide.  7 Gal.  100.00


Pinus wallichiana  'Zebrina'   Variegated Himalayan Pine   One of the most striking cultivars among all of the pines.  The 6" long leaves are green and gold and barred with a cream-colored band about an inch below the apex.  Makes a very large, upright tree.   3 Gal.  50.00


Prunus mume ‘Peggy Clarke’   Fragrant, double-pink blooms appear in mid-winter.    7 Gal.  40.00


Rhododendron x 'Hotspur Yellow'  Upright, deciduous azalea that will reach 12'.  Golden-yellow flowers with an orange throat appear in mid-April to May.  3 Gal.  20.00


Salix x ‘Scarlet Curls’  Stems are twisted and leaves are curly.  New stems are red.  Fast-growing.  3 Gal.  15.00      7 Gal.  40.00 


Sarcococca confusa  Dense evergreen shrub to 3-5’.  Sweetly scented white flowers in Feb.-March.  3 Gal.  15.00


Styrax japonicus ‘Carillon’  Weeping form of the typical species.  7 Gal.  60.00     Fall 2014


Syringa patula ‘Miss Kim’  Heat tolerant lilac with light purple flowers in late spring.  3 Gal.  15.00  


Taxodium distichum ‘Cascade Falls’   A heavier weeper than Jimmy Swaggart.   7 Gal.  60.00


Taxodium distichum ‘Cody’s Feathers’   This witch’s broom found in Wooster, OH, aka ‘Wooster Broom’, forms irregular, upright leader(s) with flattened side-branching.  Grows nearly 1’ per year under production if the cones are removed.  If the plant is allowed to set cones, the growth rate is much slower – a few inches per year.  3 Gal.  (24-30”)  50.00       7 Gal.  70.00


Taxodium distichum 'Falling Waters'  Lateral branches weep like 'Cascade Falls', however the central leader is stronger, giving the plant more height.  3 Gal.  40.00       7 Gal.  60.00


Taxodium distichum  'Peve Minaret'  Compact, dwarf, upright selection of Bald Cypress that will only grow to 8' tall by 4' wide.  Deciduous with lush fern-like foliage changing to golden orange fall color.  Add to the above, a unique branch structure that is visible in winter, and you have a plant with year round interest.  3 Gal.  50.00       7 Gal.  70.00


Thuja plicata 'Daniellow'  PP#20267  Golden Spire Arborvitae   Densely upright to pyramidal form with spectacular, buttery yellow foliage that doesn't burn under the summer sun.  20' - 30' tall by 10' - 15' wide.  7 Gal.   50.00


Thuja x ‘Green Giant’   Hybrid Arborvitae   Fast-growing evergreen with dark green foliage.  Has performed well in the south.   This is a good screening plant replacement for Leyland Cypress.

7 Gal.  40.00     (Quantity of 10+  30.00 each)  


Tsuga canadensis 'Stranger'  A dwarf spreading hemlock (12" x 12" after 3 years in a container).  7 Gal.  75.00


Ulmus americana ‘Princeton’  Dense, symmetrical, upright tree with dark green foliage that turns yellow in fall.  Resistant to Dutch Elm Disease.  7 Gal.  40.00


Viburnum dilatatum ‘Asian Beauty’  A Don Shadow introduction with shiny dark green foliage and heavy cherry-red fruit production.  3 Gal.  15.00       7 Gal.  35.00    


Zenobia pulverulenta ‘Woodlander’s Blue’   Semi-evergreen, arching shrub to about 3’; fragrant white flowers in spring.  3 Gal.  15.00



 Grasses, Vines, and Perennials


Acorus gramineus pusillus minimus ‘Aureus’   Miniature Golden Sweet Flag   Great selection for edging or mass planting.  Handles moist areas and prefers light shade.  4” TB  5.00


Bignonia capreolata ‘Tangerine Beauty’   Crossvine   Evergreen climbing vine with tangerine flowers in spring.  Foliage is dark green in summer, reddish purple in winter. Won't damage masonry.

3 Gal.  25.00


Eucomis comosa ‘Sparkling Burgundy’  This outstanding selection of Pineapple Lily has strappy dark burgundy leaves that turn more green as the weather warms.  Thick flower stalks rise 20” in late summer, topped with a cluster in the shape of a pineapple, of tiny purple flowers.  1 Gal.  10.00


Gelsemium sempervirens ‘Margarita’  Cold-hardy form with fragrant flowers.  Flowers are slightly larger than the species.  3 Gal.  25.00   


 Wisteria frutescens ‘Amethyst Falls’   This native vine has fragrant purple flowers, but is not as tenacious as other non-native species.  3 Gal.  25.00



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